Conal Thomson


What do I do?

Complete Film / Video Production

I work directly with clients, taking their video projects from inception all the way through to final delivery. I love nothing more than working with a client to come up with a really strong idea for a video, and being able to work through every stage of the project until it is realised. This can include conceptualizing and planning, scripting, story-boarding, crewing and shoot planning, filming, editing, colour grading, delivery and project management.

Freelance Camerawork & Post-Production

As well as working directly with clients, I also work on a freelance basis as both a cameraman and video editor. I regularly film and edit for marketing agencies, PR companies, advertising agencies and other video production companies. I always enjoy being part of a larger team and love to use my expertise to make your clients happy. To find out more about the freelance services that I offer, please CLICK HERE.


Still photography can be one of the most arresting ways of getting your customers’ attention. Having come up with a great concept, I’ll take care of all elements of the photo-shoot to make sure that it runs seamlessly and we get the very best results. I work hard to stay on top of all of my chosen fields; perfecting lighting, nailing compositions and capturing that one moment that says it all.


Imaging technology is changing at an incredible pace and most video production companies simply don’t have the time to learn about all of the new developments, let alone try them for themselves. When it comes to trying something new, it can be very difficult to figure out which way to turn and, when you do go in a new direction, the learning curve can be very steep. Having worked with a huge range of equipment (some of it awful!) I can give you hard-won knowledge about what will and won’t work for your business, and how you can get the most out of your gear.

Gas Networks Ireland


As your nan always said (probably), if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing properly. I approach every project with creativity, passion and enthusiasm. Check out a few examples of my work below.

8 Hours in Brooklyn
The Hive
Soul Digital
Explorador Iberia
Summer 2011 in Brooklyn

Freelance Services

Outsourced Video Production

Working at business-to-business rates, I can provide a full video production service, from pre-production all the way through to delivery. This allows marketing companies or PR agencies, who may not have previously been able to offer video production, to add this service to their portfolio.

Freelance Video Editing

I provide freelance video editing and post-production services to video companies across both the local area of Reading, Berkshire and throughout the UK. If you have a project that needs something special to bring it all together, I can help you out.

Outsourced Photography

I also offer a full photographic service, from planning to shooting, editing and delivering. Again, this allows marketing and PR companies that don’t have an in-house photographic team, to offer high-end, professional photography to their clients

Freelance Filming / Camerawork

I film on a freelance basis with video production companies across the UK and internationally. I have a wide knowledge of the latest camera systems from DSLRs to large-sensor cinema cameras and more traditional 1/2 inch and 2/3 inch sensor cameras. Whether your project is a live-cam event, a commercial piece or a documentary film, I can fit right in with your production.

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